Meet the new AO Spine Nordics and Baltics Chairperson


AO Spine Europe and Southern Africa (AO SESA) is proud to welcome the new AO Spine Nordics and Baltics Council Chairperson Rolf Riise.

The new chairperson was elected based on the votes cast from all AO members in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and the results have been approved by the AO Spine Nomination Committee (Nom Com).

Rolf Riise commences his three-year term on October 14, 2022. The spine surgeon from Oslo, Norway, will step down as orthopedics officer in the AO Spine Nordics and Baltics Council. This position will open for nominations soon.

AO Spine thanks the previous chairperson Gunaras Terbetas for his valued commitment to strengthening the region and hopes he will continue to play an active role in AO Spine's future.

Join us in giving Riise a warm welcome them and wishing him all the best for his new position.

Find out more about AO Spine's Governance structure and bodies here.

"To teach and inspire the next generation of spine surgeons is a unique opportunity to move spine care forward," says AO Spine Nordics and Baltics Council Chairperson Rolf Riise.