AO Surgery Reference's new cat midface and mandible module

One-stop support for all levels of veterinary surgeons who treat cat midface and mandible fractures

Surgery Reference cat

This comprehensive module features approximately 400 original illustrations that complement step-by-step descriptions of diverse fixation techniques and approaches.
Within the cat midface and mandible module, you'll find dedicated sections covering:

  • Fracture diagnosis
  • Anatomical and biomechanical considerations
  • Approaches to the midface and mandible
  • Positioning
  • Complications
  • Wide selection of fracture fixation techniques tailored to specific fracture types

The module has been authored by Boaz Arzi (USA) and Nadine Fiani (USA). Frank Verstraete (USA) and Amy Kapatkin (USA) acted as editors.

Cat midface and mandible module is exclusively available to AO VET members.

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AO Surgery Reference's new initiative


AO Surgery Reference is granting open access to one equine and one small animal module three months duration through a rotational system. The initiative continues through 2026, offering nonmembers a vast array of equine and small animal fracture management content.

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Stay tuned!

The AO Surgery Reference team is working to complete surgical modules that cover the entire dog and cat skeletons. Modules are currently in preparation on the proximal radius and ulna, diaphyseal radius and ulna, distal radius and ulna, tarsus, and distal tibia. The distal humerus module will be published very soon!

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