Touch Surgery

AO CMF has collaborated on the first tablet-based simulations for cognitive surgical training

All the content is available on the Touch Surgery website.

Learn, prepare, and test on surgical procedures, anytime, anywhere

New technological advances offer learning opportunities outside of the traditional setting.

Touch Surgery enables users to practice surgery anytime, anywhere. In the app's training mode, surgeons can learn operations in a step-by-step manner with 3D graphics simulating realistic surgical environments. In test mode, users can track their results and measure their progress, which can also be shared with classmates and work colleagues

Touch Surgery App - main features:

  • Experience realistic surgical environments created with state-of-the-art 3D graphics
  • Track your results and measure your learning progress
  • Build a personalized library of procedure
  • Learn new techniques from top physicians
  • New spy glass feature allows you to identify and learn about the instruments, tissues, muscles, and bones contained in our procedures
  • Access a wide range of 3D simulations

(Image credits: Touch Surgery Website)

Touch Surgery App

More than 100 surgical simulations across 14 specialties. Explore and download the app on your mobile device