AO CMF Management of Facial Trauma updates

AO CMF Management of Facial Trauma (MFT)
Up and running for four years, AO CMF’s highly rated Management of Facial Trauma (MFT) courses have been updated for the second half of 2022.

Based on the AO CMF Education Commission’s review of chairpersons’ and faculty members’ feedback, several key changes have been integrated into updated program templates:

  • A lecture on complications replaces the keynote activity on day two, and the day one keynote has been made longer. The complications lecture has been successfully used in several blended courses and fills a gap detected in the evaluation data since the MFT courses began.
  • The final practical exercises have been extended by 20 minutes and the times for other day two activities have been adjusted accordingly
  • More notes to help the faculty are being added in all cases. Some cases included questions and answers for all slides for the faculty and the request to add this for all cases is being addressed.
  • The mandibular trauma module can be moved before the midface module at the discretion of the chairperson and faculty.
  • The course will now have the AO Competency-based Curriculum stamp when it is delivered as designed and by appropriate faculty.

The education commission looks forward to hearing chairperson and faculty feedback on these adjustments through feedback to the Event Owner at each course.

The MFT courses are also available in a blended format which has been highly rated. Evaluation data for 2021 and 2022 indicates that 98 percent of participants and faculty across the regions believe the blended MFT course has a “high impact" and 100 percent would recommend it. Feedback shows that participants value prerecorded material and the opportunity to learn at their own pace to optimally prepare for the face-to-face part of the course.