AO VETAP course chairs meet in spirit of collaboration

AO VET online meeting
In a spirit of collaboration, chairpersons for all 2022 AO VET Asia Pacific (AO VETAP) courses gathered online in January 2022 to work together in preparation for their courses.

Chaired by Christopher Tan, chairperson of the AO VETAP Board, with AO VET Education Commission (AO VEC) Chairperson Mark Glyde in attendance, the meeting brought together all event owners (AO VET staff).

Participants identified many common issues between courses and all chairpersons were brought up to date with information arising from the from the AO VET International Board (AO VETIB) and AO VEC meetings that took place in Davos, Switzerland, in December 2021.

The meeting of all regional course chairpersons is an exciting new initiative that allows more experienced chairpersons to support less experienced chairpersons in their course preparation and fosters a closer relationship between the governance boards and the most senior faculty in the region. AO VET plans to extend this initiative to all other regions in 2023.