The AO VET round-up is here: better overview, better information


It's all good news from AO VET!

We have been exploring ways to communicate with you—our members and friends—in a way that secures timely and relevant information and provides a better overview of our ongoing activities. We listened to your feedback to find the right balance and aim to introduce a stronger regional focus. We also want to share more interviews and publish more of your pictures from our events.

Therefore, we are launching a new monthly newsletter, the AO VET News and Events, which collects the most important news, announcements, and upcoming educational opportunities in your region, all in one place. You will know exactly when the newsletter will pop up in your mailbox and where to find the latest from AO VET News, Education, and Networking.

In each issue, you will also find a calendar with the most important upcoming dates and events. Whatever your interest, you will always find more on the topic by following the link to read more.

What do you think?

We continue to welcome your feedback, so that we can keep on improving. If you have ideas for content or would like to contribute, please contact us directly on

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Yours sincerely,

Bruno Peirone
AO VET Community Development Commission Chairperson