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Create a holistic digital

As a basic reference for all interactive AO channels, it will advance brand stability and visibility through consistency and ease of use.

In particular, this digital style guide explains the basis for all digital AO channels. It documents AO corporate design and design elements, the visual language of the AO brand, the user interface language and key applications.

This guide includes several defined rules, templates and design elements that should be used, reused, and recycled across all digital touch points.

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Digital style guidelines


Layout principles

Digital consistency

The e-blast harmonizes with the corporate design and the right combination of graphic elements to create a consistent yet flexible design system.

The structure is modular and flexible. Various header possibilities allow the search for a suitable visual teaser to implement.

The different sections can be adapted as needed, however, an easily comprehensible combination should be chosen, eg, avoid starting the body contents with a list.

Always close the e-blast with a footer section.

The font sizes follow the rules in the “Digital style guide”, which can be downloaded separately.


Download additional guidelines:
– E-blast guidelines

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Body content guidence

One family

The modular sections allow different layouts while remaining consistent in design. This:
- reduces complexity;
- is user-centered;
- proves coherent yet flexible.

This is achieved through a consistent approach to typography, color, opening and completion.


For ready-made templates including grid and other specifications, please contact:

Download additional guidelines:
– E-blast guidelines

Download assets

Examples of different e-blast options


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