Course material


Well prepared

AO course material plays an important role in supporting the quality of AO educational activities.

AO core values are immediately on view at the well-prepared courses and events (eg, AO Davos Courses).

For detailed information please contact Communications & Events:

Course material

Certificates, production workflow

Easy to handle

Two types of certificates are available for educational courses and membership.

Pre-printed forms and templates simplify the three-step-workflow. Depending on the type of certificate and sender, the workflow can be adapted.


Download additional guidelines:
– Course material

Download assets

E-mail signature template and instructions are available :

Insite(AO employee access only)

Course material

Certificates, examples

Standard version AO, CD, Institutes

Content variable

Membership version for CD only (Example AO Spine)

Fixed content

Course certificates, example AO Trauma

Contributers course certificate

Contributers course certificate

long participants name

Course participant certificate

example with no latin font

Course material

Badges, production workflow

Easy to handle

Badges are produced individually for all types of courses and seminars. Most badges are used within the AO Davos Courses and have the appropriate sender. These badges are produced in a two-step workflow: A high-quality pre-print with a template generated from a database.

For courses or seminars held directly by AO, the clinical divisions or the institutes, templates are also available (without pre-print).

For detailed information please contact Communications & Events:

Course material

Badges, examples

AO Davos Courses badges (preprint and templates)

Example AO VET

Example AO Spine

special version with schedule on back

AO badges for master brand and power brands (templates)

Example AO master brand

Example clinical divisions