Cover principles

Uniform appearance

The key to our corporate design is the correct combination of graphic elements to create a consistent yet flexible design system.

The basic structure is clear and easy: Position the logo on the top left, set semi-bold headlines, place pictures in the grid and add other content carefully.

Accurate, deliberate design plays with the white space and creates clear and convincing communication. The layout principle is simple; apply it consistently.

For ready-made templates including grid and other specifications, please contact:


Cover principles

To the point

The clear grid creates a tidy and professional overall appearance.

The layout should ensure the topic is quickly accessed, with image and text coordinated harmoniously. The layout comes to life through a clear headline and carefully chosen image.

For ready-made templates including grid and other specifications, please contact:

Example AO CMF book cover


Cover examples

Educating for excellence

AO book design offers you the option of using Suisse Works serif typeface in combination with the primary corporate typeface Suisse Int’l.

This helps achieve an effortless but unmistakably scientific and literary feel.

The layout of the cover is clean and user-oriented and adapts easily and intuitively to different types of content.

Standard version with picture: front, back, and spine

Alternative version with illustration


Books Text pages, grid A4


A simple, six-column grid serves as an invisible structure for all text page designs.

The grid can be applied in a variety of ways, responding to text type, overall length and pictures. Successful layout exploits the tension between bold headlines and calmly presented body text.


six-column standard grid



Text pages, examples

Educating for excellence

The flexible, six-column grid organizes the page composition and allows various layout options for all needs.

Opener page, table of contents page

Content page with images and illustrations

Chapter introduction page and following pages

List of References / Bibliography


Text pages, details

It’s in the details

The layout of the content pages is clean and user-oriented so that different types of content can easily and intuitively be adapted.

As you can see here, special content such as references or figures are made recognizable by a differentiated use of typography.

The introduction to each chapter is also designed differently. Its concept is inviting, allowing for a faster, more intuitive capture of the content.

Book layout in detail


Text pages, text hierarchy

One after another

Scientific texts need a clear structure so that readers can quickly navigate way between the individual chapters.

Headline first level: Suisse Int’l semibold, 12 pt

2 Lorem ipsum

Headline second level: Suisse Int’l semibold, 10 pt

2.1 Lorem ipsum dolor

Headline second level: Suisse Int’l semibold, 10 pt

2.1.1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit

Headline third level: Suisse Int’l semibold, 8.75 pt Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Bodytext with accentuations and subheadline
Bodytext: Suisse Works regular, 8 pt
Accentuations: Suisse Int’l semibold, 8 pt
Subheadline: Suisse Int’l semibold, 8.75 pt


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Indications for nonvascularized bone grafts

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