Cover principles

Consistency is key

The key to our corporate design is the correct combination of graphic elements to create a consistent yet flexible design system.

The basic structure is clear and easy. Position the logo on the top left, set semi-bold headlines, place pictures in the grid, and add other content carefully.

Accurate, deliberate design plays with the white space and creates clear and convincing communication. The layout principle is simple; apply it consistently.

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– Brochure guidelines

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Cover, examples

One family

The way we approach AO brochures must reduce complexity by being:
– user-centered
– context-sensitive
– coherent, yet flexible.

We achieve this by using a clear and consistent, approach to type area, typography, stamps, and colors, that also involves dynamic principles.

A flexible grid, clearly defined typographic principles, and predefined color series make it possible to meet all these requirements.

The content owner decides whether to use sentence case or title case for brochure titles. Traditionally, title case is used to describe course titles, but not compulsory.

Consult the editorial style guide for editorial guidance:


Cover, examples

Membership brochure

We recommend a full-size cover image for this type of brochure.

The generous use of images gives membership brochures a more magazine-like appearance.


Promotional brochure

We recommend the incorporation of secondary colors as appropriate in promotional brochures.

The basic layout is neat, clear, and is brought to life by the use of fonts and targeted color accents.

A4 membership brochure

A4 promotional brochure


Content pages, grid A4


A simple, six-column grid serves as an invisible structure for all text page designs.

The grid can be applied in a variety of ways, responding to text type, overall length and pictures.

Successful layout exploits the tension between bold headlines and calmly presented body text.

4 columns standard grid



Content pages, examples A4

Simplify to improve readability

Comprehensive or complex brochures should be made as easy to understand as possible for the audience.

The basic layout should be reduced and focused on an intuitive presentation of the content.

The most important content should be clearly visible.

For detailed information please
contact Communications & Events:

Expample Davos Courses brochure

Example membership brochure with two addresses

Example AO Trauma faculty brochure


Cover, examples A5

Sponsorship brochures

Small brochures, including those about sponsorship, should be compact.

You can play with basic design elements, but remember to select pictures carefully to make sure the brochure type is easy to recognize.

Version with QR code


Content pages, examples A5

Set accents

Make sure small brochures contain easy to understand content sections.

Use the following to guide the reader:
– clearly accentuated headlines
– structuring background colors
– prominently placed data.

Download additional guidelines:

– Brochure guidelines

Download assets
For ready-made templates including grid and other specifications, please contact:

Leaflet A5, front

Leaflet A5, back


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