Logo system

The master brand

The initialism AO forms the AO master brand and is the main application. Its soft, curved form represents the fact that people are at the heart of the AO, and the connected letters represent the community mindset.

Modular system

One system fits all: All sub-brands follow the same principle. The names of the power and flagship brands, regions of clinical divisions and community pillars are placed on the left or below the master brand, depending on the category.

Minimum size

In general, every AO logo should be readable. The height of the master brand in combination with a word mark should be no less than 4 mm. The minimum height of the single master brand is 3 mm

Logo sizes

The sizes refer to the height of the AO master brand.

Master brand = AO logo

Modular system

Minimum height of the AO master brand = 3 mm
Minimum height of brands in combinatio with a word mark = 4 mm


Logo versions

Organized complexity

The brand architecture is structured as follows: The master brand is on the first level; all sub-brands are arranged with the appropriate extension or descriptor next to or below the master brand.

File naming: digital


File naming: print


File naming: office




First level

master brand

– ao_

master brand
– myao_



Second level

Foundation brand
– foundation_

Flagship brands
– davos_courses_
– surgery_reference_

Clinical divisions and units
– spine_
– trauma_
– cmf_
– vet_
– recon_

Institutes (shortened)
– ei_ (Educational Institute)
– ari_ (Research Institute Davos)
– itc_ (Innovation Translation Center)

Master brand regions
– asia_pacific_
– europe_southern_africa_
– latin_america_
– north_america_

Master brand countries (Example)
– uk_ireland_

Endorsement labels
– curriculum_stamp_
– approved_stamp_
– tc_approved_stamp_


Third level (specific)

Divisional regions
– asia_pacific_
– europe_southern_africa_
– latin_america_
– north_america_


Divisional countries (Examples)
– deutschland_
– schweiz_
– new_zealand_
– uk_ireland_
– china_



– blue_
– black_
– white_
– blue_inversed_




Color space

Digital applications
– rgb_

Pantone® full color
– solid_

Four-color process
– cmyk_



Digital media, lucent
– .png

Digital media, vectorised
– .svg

Print, vectorised
– .eps
– .pdf

Office, vectorised
– .emf



Mind the size

The logo sizes vary depending on the medium.

Please note: For optical reasons, the AO master brand is always placed slightly larger than the brands with extension. The exact sizes per medium can be found in the list.



Logo use: Get it right

Be consistent

The AO brand architecture regulates the handling of all brands within the AO organization.

In order to maintain the consistency and clarity of this structure, it is essential that the different brand levels are strictly adhered to and not linked or modified.


Clear space


The use of clear space is essential in preserving the logo‘s integrity.

It defines the minimum distance to the format edge and other design elements. The protection zone corresponds to one-half the height of the AO master brand (1).

In exceptional applications, you can use the minimum amount of clear space. This is one-third of the height of the AO master brand (2).

1 Level: power brand/flagship brand/foundation brand
Standard clear space: one-half of the logo height

2 Level: power brand/flagship brand/foundation brand
Minimal clear space: one-third of the logo height


Logo placement

Where to place

The logo is placed asymmetrically. The distance between the logo and the top edge is never the same as the distance to the edge.

Usually, the logo is placed in the upper left corner because of the horizontal and vertical extension of the AO master brand logo. Depending on the communication medium, the logos can also be placed on the top right or bottom right. Especially when the master brand logo appears alone.

Exceptions: If the communication medium to be designed has specific characteristics, then the logo is placed in the appropriate context, eg, in digital media (smartwatch = centered) or labeling locations (facade = centered).

Please note: For optical reasons, the AO master brand is always placed slightly larger than the brands with extension. The exact sizes per medium can be found in the AO brand guidelines (PDF) list on page 33.


Exception: Centered alignment


Logo placement, examples

Getting it right

The AO logos are subtle and should not be the main focus of an asset. It needs to be part of the design, and not the main focus.

If possible, place the logo in the top left corner. If this placement poses a risk to readibility or the layout, a different solution is permitted.

These examples show how logos are placed schematically in different media formats. Find guidance on logo placement for Microsoft Office documents in → Chapter 3: Applications


Logo color

In living color

The AO logo comes in four colors: blue, white, black, and gray (in selected applications). Wherever possible, use the official AO blue tone.

Make sure there is sufficient contrast when placing the logo on background images.


Logos on backgrounds

Staging and backdrops

The first thing to do when placing the logo is to ensure readability—a must.


The blue logo should be used wherever possible. The negative version of the logo is used on blue or dark backgrounds if readability cannot be guaranteed.