Brand basics

The AO brand world


An iconic brand:
The new brand design combines emotional drive and scientific rationality. The approach to the logo and layout deliver an appearance that is compelling in both digital and analog formats.

Brand basics

Design principles


The AO brand design is intuitive, functional, flexible, and balanced: Four key principles steer the design decision process.


People are at the heart of our design approach. Everything we do and create is about providing an intuitive experience, whatever the medium.


No frills. Our design is driven by clarity and functionality. The various different design components allow us to address all content needs and apply the best solutions.


Our design is open and agile. By using principles rather than strict rules, we are able to meet the full range of current, changing, and emerging needs.


Bold and confident: The unique brand design differentiates itself thanks to the careful combination of various components.

Brand basics

Look and feel: A general overview




Brand examples


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