Print ads


Targeted communication

Print ads are used in medical magazines or in course programs to promote a variety of AO benefits, such as a membership or a key service offering.

There are two main types of ads:

Membership ads

Membership ads refer to the advantages and benefits of being a member of the respective clinical division/unit.
The strict grid defines the frame for the layout. The contents and key messages are adapted to target audiences.


Alternative promotions

Alternative promotion ads are used to clearly and concisely promote other benefits offered by the AO, such as courses, tools, and services. The strict grid defines the frame for the layout. The grid and the footer are predefined, the layout depends on the individual content.

Membership ads

Alternative promotion category ads

Print ads

Basic structure

Flexible structure

The layout is based on a simple three-part grid and consists of a fixed and a variable part.


Fixed part

The fixed part includes all sender information. The structure and placement are always the same. Depending on the usage, the social media icons can be adapted or supplemented.


Variable part

The variable part covers all messaging needs. In addition to the central image window and the headline placed on the top, a copy text or call to action (CTA) button can be added (variable placement).

Membership ads

Print ads

Layout principle

To the point

The clear grid creates a tidy and competent overall appearance.

The layout relies on clear content that is quickly comprehensible. It is therefore particularly important that the headline is kept short and crisp, that the image or illustration is carefully selected and that the copy contains a clear statement with a call-to-action.


For ready-made templates including grid and other specifications, please contact:

Examples AO Trauma

Print ads

Membership examples

Same but different

The basic grid leaves plenty of scope but also creates a high degree of coherence in perception.

Illustrations can be used instead of pictures. The meaning of illustrations must be easy to comprehend, comply with the basic visual principles of AO and adhere to the AO colour range.

Print ads

Membership examples, layout variations

Same but different

Depending on the context and use of the print ads, the three-part grid can also be used to move the image window up or to extend an area to two-thirds.

Always make sure that the typography and the AO color range are used carefully.

Print ads

Alternative promotion ads, events

Be prepared

The alternative promotion ads for events such as courses and seminars are based on the same primary grid as the membership ads, using the same typographical principles and the AO color range.

The course contents are listed on a light gray color field and can be supplemented with an illustration.

The CTA button is a variable element and is adapted in color and typography according to the context.