Mark Glyde outlines ambitious agenda for second term as AO VET Education Commission chairperson

Mark Glyde

Eighteen months after taking the reins as chairperson of the AO VET Education Commission, Mark Glyde has been reelected to the role. He outlines an ambitious agenda for his second three-year term, which begins in July 2023.

Glyde has been an AO VET member since 1990. A diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons and member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (United Kingdom), he is an associate professor of small animal surgery at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.

With broad and effective knowledge, experience, and perspective, he has served the AO and AO VET in a variety of leadership roles. He was a member of the AO VET Education Commission from 2015–2019 and chairperson of the AO VET Asia Pacific Board from 2015–2020, and currently is a member of the AO VET International Board. Glyde has been a member of the AO Assembly of Trustees since 2017 and has served as AO VET faculty since 2007. Glyde’s international reputation as a specialist clinician, educator, and researcher is reflected in 40 peer-reviewed publications in surgery and adult medical education as well as in his presentations and major international congresses.

Leading and inspiring

Looking toward his second term, Glyde is intent on leading and inspiring the AO VET Education Commission team in contributing to the AO VET mission of being a global leader in the management of animal musculoskeletal disorders.

“I aim to build on and complete the priorities and goals I defined prior to my election at AO VET Education Commission chairperson in July 2020,” he said.

These priorities include building on the foundation created under the leadership of his predecessor, Alessandro Piras and the excellent work of the AO VET Education Commission, the AO VET staff, and faculty. At the same time, Glyde looks to establish, expand, and develop positive collaborative relationships with members, faculty, industry partners, other AO clinical divisions, the AO Education Institute, AO VET staff, and the AO itself.

Moreover, he aims to strengthen AO VET education by converting the AO VET teaching sets to provide the ability to use and teach about locking plates and update the teaching media to support this change.

Expanding AO VET education and its reach

Additionally, Glyde aspires to expand AO VET’s educational offering beyond traumatology to include musculoskeletal disorders.

“This meets the needs of veterinary practice and better aligns with the AO mission,” he explained.

Glyde’s goals also include improving his understanding of the unique challenges, needs, and cultural requirements of members around the world, increasing AO VET membership—particularly female membership—by providing relevant, reflective, and dynamic, needs-based educational programs better reflecting the diversity of the profession. He wants to increase the AO VET’s faculty, especially female faculty, with multinational versatility. At the same time, Glyde’s goals include optimizing the performance and effectiveness of the education team and developing future leaders, expanding the team to include a permanent representative of equine orthopedic surgery, and expanding AO VET courses beyond trauma and more broadly in managing musculoskeletal disorders.

“A key goal will be to develop competence-based curricula for musculoskeletal condition courses,” Glyde said.

He also plans to embed and expand AO VET’s online and blended course offering and will work with the education platform and the AO Education Institute to source a state-of-the-art learning management system to support that goal.

“Online learning can be a cost-effective entry platform to low- and middle-income countries,” said Glyde.

Glyde also is intent on increasing the AO VET education and research profiles, building critical, long-term, mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships with local professional organizations in member countries, and developing and expanding collaborative business partnerships with other international professional organizations.

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