AO VET Seed Grants 2024-2025: call for projects

Deadline: May 12, 2024

Research grants

AO VET is a global network of surgeons, scientists, and other professionals highly specialized in the field of veterinary surgery of the musculoskeletal system. The AO VET Research and Development Commission invites you to submit your proposals in the wide range of research fields including unconventional and novel projects.

While there is no specific restriction on the area of research, projects should address topics that are relevant to the clinical practice of veterinary orthopedics.

The goal of this new research grant program is to assist in the training of future leaders in veterinary orthopaedics.

Available funding

Funding will be for a maximum of CHF 7'500 over 12 months. 
A maximum of four grants are available, with one award being made to each region (North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin American and Europe).

Funds may be used to cover research consumables and attendance at one national or international conference. No funds are available for personnel support (salary or stipend) or for indirect (facilities and overhead) costs under this grant mechanism. 

A written project report must be submitted within 90 days of the end of the grant, along with copies of any conference presentations or manuscripts related to the project. 

Eligibility criteria for the principal investigator

This call is open to investigators from all AO clinical divisions—AO VET, AO Trauma, AO Spine and AO CMF—who are younger than 40 years old and: 
 • Within five years of the completion of their terminal degree (eg, MD, DVM, PhD, etc), or 
 • Within five years of initiation of their first assistant professor position at an academic institution, or 
 • Enrolled in residency programs or fellowships

They must work with an established investigator (Assistant Professor or above) at the same institution and the proposal must include specific details of a mentoring plan for ensuring appropriate supervision and training of the applicant.

How to apply?

Submit your complete application through the online submission tool by May 12, 2024.

Please note, only applications submitted through the online submission tool will be considered.
The full application must be submitted in English. Full applications which are incomplete or do not comply with our guidelines will not be considered.

Guidelines and documentation to prepare your submission



If a collaboration with an AO institute (ARI or AO Innovation Translation Center [AO ITC] Clinical Evidence) is planned, written approval is required; Deadline for sending your request to the respective institute April 26, 2024  Principal investigator 
Submission of the preproposal through the online application tool May 12, 2024, at 23:59 CET Principal investigator
 Information about acceptance / rejection  July 2024  
 Earliest start accepted research projects  September 2024 Principal investigator 

Spread the word

AO VET seeks to fund as many researchers as possible. Therefore, please inform your colleagues and associates regarding the current call for projects. For further information and assistance, please contact AO Network Preclinical Services (NPR) staff at