AO Recon Competency-Based Curriculum Courses

Learn more about the AO Recon gold-standard education in arthroplasy and reconstruction.

AO Recon Competency-Based Curriculum Courses

The competency-based AO Recon curricula and the content for the AO Recon courses are developed in a backward-planning process, ensuring that our education is focused on addressing patient problems and improving patient care.

Collaborative expert input is the foundation for building exceptional educational activities, integrating sound adult education concepts. A robust global framework supports the consistent delivery of core concepts globally and the adherence to highest-quality standards. 

A taskforce of surgeon experts, appointed by the Education Forum and supported by the AO Education Institute, continuously integrates new best practices from educational research into the dynamic programs to ensure a continuous improvement process, fueled by ongoing assessment and evaluation. Explore the details of AO Recon courses below.

AO Recon Course—Principles of Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

The starting point for newly certified orthopedic surgeons and junior orthopedic surgical trainees. A world-class curriculum course developed by renowned surgeons.

AO Recon Course—Complex Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

Tailored specifically for certified and experienced orthopedic surgeons, this program offers valuable insights to augment your knowledge and surgical proficiency in complex arthroplasty.

AO Trauma/AO Recon Course—Comprehensive Periprosthetic Fracture Management of the Hip and Knee

Maximize patient outcomes following periprosthetic fractures with our specialized courses. Designed for senior orthopedic surgeons with over five years of experience.

AO Recon Course—Comprehensive Shoulder Arthroplasty

Designed as the initial step on your lifelong learning journey, this program covers fundamental principles and current concepts in the treatment of patients requiring primary arthroplasty for various pathologies.