AO Recon Course—Complex Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

A world-class AO competency-based curriculum course with anatomical specimen developed by renowned surgeons.

Enhance Your Skills in Complex Arthroplasty: Advanced AO Recon Course for Orthopedic Surgeons

Discover the latest treatment concepts for patients requiring revision or complex primary arthroplasty in the hip and knee with our comprehensive course. Tailored specifically for certified and experienced orthopedic surgeons, this program offers valuable insights to augment your knowledge and surgical proficiency in complex arthroplasty.

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Top national, regional, and international faculty

For surgeons who already treat (complex total hip and knee arthroplasty)

Network with expert faculty and peers from all over the world

CME credits, you get a certificate of completion

Developed by renowned surgeons and delivered by the world's most important orthopedic organization

Course Content

  • Course modules
    • Module 1—Indications for revision hip arthroplasty and patient optimization
    • Module 2—Revision arthroplasty of the hip
    • Module 3—Complex primary total hip arthroplasty (THA)
    • Module 4—Indications for revision knee arthroplasty and patient optimization
    • Module 5—Revision arthroplasty of the knee
    • Module 6—Complex primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA)
    • Module 7—Complications
  • Skills Lab (Dry Lab courses only) 


    • Plate osteosynthesis of the posterior column
    • Demonstration of removal of a well-integrated hemispherical cup
    • Creation and reconstruction of anterior superior medial acetabular defect using trabecular metal augmentation and implantation of a hemispherical revision cup
    • Extended trochanteric osteotomy (ETO)
    • Remove cemented stem and implantation of a modular revision stem
    • Refixation of ETO with cerclage wires


    • Remove existing knee prosthesis
    • Perform a revision TKA
    • Fixation with screws or wires
  • Anatomical Specimen Laboratory (Wet Lab courses only)

    Hip Arthroplasty:

    • Posterior approach to the hip
    • Plate osteosynthesis of the posterior column
    • Reconstruction of acetabular defect with augments and revision cup
    • Implantation of an uncemented stem (simulated by leaving the last broach in place)
    • Extended trochanteric osteotomy (ETO)
    • Implantation of a modular revision stem
    • Refixation of ETO with cerclage wires
    • Anatomical dissection

    Knee Arthroplasty:

    • Perform a primary TKA
      • Tibial preparation
      • Femoral preparation
      • Trials
      • Tibial tubercle osteotomy (TTO) and fixation
    • Perform a revision TKA
    • Closure and fixation with screws or wires
  • Featured Lectures
    • Overview of failure mechanisms and indications for revision hip arthroplasty
    • Mechanically assisted tribo-corrosion
    • Preoperative investigation and planning for revision hip arthroplasty
    • Extended surgical approaches in revision arthroplasty of the hip
    • Well-fixed implant removal
    • Assessment of bone loss in revision hip arthroplasty
    • Overview of failure mechanisms and indications for revision knee arthroplasty
    • Preoperative planning for revision knee arthroplasty
    • Extended surgical approaches and implant removal
    • Step-by-step surgical technique for revision TKA
    • Implant selection
    • Extensor mechanism failure and patellofemoral complications
  • Plenary case-based discussions

    Treatment options for acetabular bone loss

    • Case 1: Jumbo cup
    • Case 2: Augments
    • Case 3: From cages to triflange cups
    • Case 4: Pelvic discontinuity: ORIF, cup-cage; distraction
    Treatment options for femoral bone loss
    • Case 1: Modular proximal stem
    • Case 2: Fluted titanium, tapered stem
    • Case 3: Cemented fixation: with and without impaction grafting: tumor prostheses: cement within cement  


    • Case 1: Infection after Hip Replacement
    • Case 2: Infection after Knee Replacement
    Periprosthetic fractures 
    • Case 1: Classification and treatment algorithm for hip and knee
    • Case 2: Internal fixation of femoral periprosthetic fractures
    • Case 3: Femoral revision for femoral periprosthetic fractures
    • Case 4: Periprosthetic fractures around the knee
    • Case 1: Spinopelvic relationships in hip dislocation
    • Case 2: Large heads
    • Case 3: Dual mobility cups
    • Case 4: Constrained cups
  • Small Group discussions
    • Revision hip replacement (failed cups and failed stems)
    • Complex THA:
      • Case 1: Dysplasia (CROWE 3/4)
      • Case 2: Conversion THA for posttraumatic acetabular fracture
      • Case 3: Conversion THA for posttraumatic femoral fracture
    • Revision knee arthroplasty:
      • Case 1: Loosening with malalignment
      • o Case 2: Severe bone loss requiring bone or metal substitution
      • Case 3: Severe instability requiring a hinge
      • Case 4: Salvage with an amputation or arthrodesis
    • Complex TNA:
      • Case 1: Valgus knee (that requires a hinge)
      • Case 2: TKA posttraumatic with hardware
      • Case 3: TKA for extraarticular deformity

Course details may be subject to change. Please check your chosen date and location for the detailed program.

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