Practical exercises

If the curriculum development process identifies a need to build in skills, AO Recon courses incorporate appropriate hands-on simulation experiences for participants.

“An exceptional training concept in the field of total joint arthroplasty has been developed for residents and fellows, including truly valuable practical training.”

Philipp von Roth, AO Recon Curriculum Taskforce Hip and Knee

Skills Lab

Participants perform specific surgical steps for hip and knee arthroplasty at various stations.

As preparation for the operating room the exercises focus on skills training and reflection. The aim is to address the pain points that surgeons experience when they start doing total hip and knee arthroplasty.

  • Skills Lab stations hip
    • Templating a total hip arthroplasty (THA)
    • Reaming the acetabulum and inserting a cup
    • Preparing the femur and inserting a stem
    • Safe zones for screw insertion
    • Meet the Experts
  • Skills Lab stations knee
    • Planning a total knee arthroplasty (TKA)
    • Alignment for a tibial cut
    • Performing a tibial cut
    • Cementing
    • Meet the Experts

Dry-bone exercises

Participants perform some key procedures on a custom-designed model

  • Practical exercises: hip arthroplasty
    • Plating the posterior column
    • Removal of well-integrated hemispherical cup
    • Reconstruction of the acetabulum using trabecular metal augmentation and implantation of a hemispherical revision cup
    • Extended trochanteric osteotomy
    • Removal of cemented stem and implantation of a modular revision stem
    • Refixation of extended trochanteric osteotomy with cerclage wires
  • Practical exercises: revision knee arthroplasty
    • Remove existing knee prosthesis
    • Perform a revision TKA
    • Fixation with screws or wires: wrap up and questions

Exercises and dissections on anatomical specimens

Participants perform a complete procedure under high-fidelity conditions.

  • Anatomical specimen lab stations hip
    • Posterior approach to the hip
    • Reconstruction of acetabular defect with augments and revision cup
    • Implantation of an uncemented stem (simulating by leaving the last broach in place)
    • Extended trochanteric osteotomy
    • Implantation of a modular revision stem
    • Refixation of extended trochanteric osteotomy with cerclage wires
  • Anatomical specimen lab stations knee
    • Perform a primary TKA
    • Perform a revision TKA

Preoperative planning exercises

Participants carry out templating exercises on image-based cases.

  • Templating THA
    • Standard primary hip arthroplasty
    • Coxa valga
    • Post open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) acetabular fracture
  • Templating TKA
    • Varus
    • Valgus

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