About AO Recon

AO Recon is a global network of orthopedic surgeons committed to best-in-class education in joint preservation and replacement.

With its educational offerings including live events and e-learning, AO Recon contributes to the AO’s mission of promoting excellence in patient care and outcomes in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

AO Recon has been established to respond to rising numbers of arthroplasty and periprosthetic fracture cases and the increased need for specialized education and expert advice in this field.

“We disseminate arthroplasty knowledge globally to empower orthopedic surgeons around the world to provide best patient care.”

Carsten Perka, AO Recon Steering Board chairperson

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Our heritage

AO Recon is a clinical unit of the AO, the worldwide leader in educationinnovation, and research for the surgical treatment of trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

Experts in joint preservation and replacement

Steering Board

Approved by the AO Foundation Board, these five heavyweights represent the interests of AO Recon within the AO.

Education Forum

Nominated by the Steering Board, these key opinion leaders take strategic leadership for AO Recon's educational content.

Curriculum Taskforces

Nominated by the Education Forum, these expert groups of arthroplasty surgeons develop educational content for AO Recon courses.


Selected by the Education Forum, these experts engage in AO Recon events to provide surgeons with excellent arthroplasty education.

Upcoming educational events

AO Recon provides various training opportunities for orthopedic surgeons to extend knowledge and develop competencies in joint preservation and replacement.

Our educational events include practical exercises in dry or wetlab— webinars and webcasts, and symposia at major congresses. 

Learn more about the AO Recon gold-standard education in arthroplasy and reconstruction and our competency-based curriculum courses here

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