AO Recon's network already connects more than 40,000 orthopedic surgeons in the area of arthroplastry and periprosthetic fracture management, joint preservation and replacement, and it continues to grow. Since our foundation in 2014, we have trained over 2,600 course participants worldwide and reached more than 25,000 orthopedic surgeons with our educational events.

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Steering Board

Approved by the AO Foundation Board, these five heavyweights represent the interests of AO Recon within the AO.

Education Forum

Nominated by the Steering Board, these key opinion leaders take strategic leadership for AO Recon's educational content.

Curriculum Taskforces

Nominated by the Education Forum, these expert groups of arthroplasty surgeons develop educational content for AO Recon courses.


Selected by the Education Forum, these experts engage in AO Recon events to provide surgeons with excellent arthroplasty education.