AO Recon News and Events: new monthly newsletter launched

You will find the most important news, announcements, and upcoming educational opportunities in your region in our monthly e-mail—if you have subscribed to our newsletter.

The AO Recon round-up secures timely and relevant information and provides a clear overview of our activities. In each issue, a calendar shows you the most important upcoming dates and events. You will find more on the topic by following the link.

The first issue goes out today. Please check your mailbox. If you don't receive it, you may not have subscribed to our newsletter yet. You can change this in no time—just follow the instructions:

If you have an AO account

Login with the AO and go to your dashboard (link top right). Check your profile under "involved / associated with". Make sure AO Recon is one of your selected Areas of Interest, update them if needed, and save your information. If AO Recon was selected already, please take another small step: go to "My profile" and update your Communications settings (find quick guide here).

If you are new to the AO

Create an AO account and join a global community of over 215,000 health care professionals. Enter AO Recon as one of your Areas of Interest. As soon as you have completed your registration, you will be subscribed to our newsletter and all other relevant communication.

Your feedback is welcome

Let us know if you like the new concept and share your thoughts to help us improve. If you have ideas for content or would like to contribute, please contact us on