The AO Recon Fellowship Program offers a unique educational experience to the most promising young surgeons in the field of arthroplasty to extend their knowledge and skills in joint preservation and replacement. Through this program, AO Recon is committed to supporting future talent in deepening their understanding of the principles, indications, planning, techniques and complications in the area of arthroplasty.

Fellows will have the opportunity to learn from the leading arthroplasty experts in the carefully selected and renowned centers. The duration of the AO Recon Fellowship Program is 6 weeks.

The list of our AO Recon Fellowship Host Center can be found here.

AO Recon Fellowship Program

The call for applications for the 2023 AO Recon Fellowships is now closed.

If you have any questions, please contact fellowship@aorecon.org.

Selection criteria

We aim to identify the most promising young surgeons who dedicate the main part of their practice to arthroplasty and support them in  deepening their understanding and extending their knowledge and skills in joint preservation and replacement.

Selection criteria for AO Recon Fellows

AO Fellowships are in high demand, and we expect to receive more applications than we can accommodate.

Fellows are selected by AO Recon Education Forum members based on the following criteria:

  • Arthroplasty is the main focus of practice
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of English
  • Younger than 45 years old in the year of application
  • Attendance of an AO Recon course or seminar is beneficial
  • Employment by a teaching hospital is recommended 

Applicants must have an AO Profile in order to access the online application form once the call is launched. Registration as a registered user is sufficient. If you do not yet have an AO profile and log-in, you can create them here.

Application process

The application requires the upload of supporting documentation. Please have these files ready for upload before you begin to fill in your application. (Accepted file formats are PDF, JPG, PNG, and GIF.)

You will need the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Copy of your medical school diploma(s)
  • Copy of AO Recon course(s)/activity certificate(s) if a course has already been attended
  • Copies of additional, relevant educational records/awards
  • One current recommendation letter (from your departmental head)
  • Copy of your passport

Submission of a photograph and/or evidence of vaccinations and your English language proficiency is optional.


The AO Recon Fellowship stipends are calculated using a benchmark of USD 550.00 for 1 week's fellowship in the United States. The stipends for all other countries are adjusted for the local price level. To calculate the adjustment, the price level ratio of purchasing power parity (PPP) conversion factor to market exchange rate provided by the World Bank is used. The World Bank data can be accessed here. The stipends are paid in Swiss francs (CHF).

Bas Masri

Chair of AO Recon Education Forum

Robert Hube

Lead Surgeon of Fellowships, Member of AO Recon Education Forum

Host centers map

AO Recon Fellowship Host Centers

Explore our carefully selected network of Fellowship Host Centers.