AO TV’s video-on-demand platform

The AO Davos Courses brings together luminaries from across the AO’s surgeon community: leading AO Faculty from around the world; top experts from the AO’s research, innovation, and education institutes; and industry partners. With this premier group gathered in one location, AO TV’s programming offers a unique view into the power of the AO’s collaborative network.

AO TV’s on-demand videos—accessible to all during the AO Davos Courses—deliver diverse topics, conversations, and voices from the AO community. In-depth interviews share open and honest experiences of the AO surgeon community, from career challenges and highlights to how the AO provides lifelong personal and professional benefits.


Tune in for the latest videos filmed at the AO Davos Courses

Highlights on AO TV include:

  • My Biggest Challenge: AO surgeons share personal testimonials and talk openly about their most challenging cases, surgeries, and career-affirming moments
  • Behind the Mask: inspirational life stories shared by top AO surgeons
  • Meet the Experts: produced with the AO Technical Commission, with leading surgeons from the AO ITC expert groups performing practical demonstrations about the latest developments and state-of-the-art systems in orthopedic surgery
  • Access to all AO TV programs recorded during this year’s AO Davos Courses and AO TV’s best programming from 2019 to 2022.