Trauma Recon System 

The TRS Recon Sagittal Saw is a dedicated handpiece, specifically designed for arthroplasty. Together with the TRS Modular handpiece, it is an optimal system for orthopedic applications and can also be used for heavy duty trauma.

Total joint replacement surgeries are often seen as worst case surgeries in terms of using a powered saw. As these surgeries normally include the longest sawing times under high load, the saw performance is very important. Nowadays, more attention is also being paid to working safety regulations, such as limiting noise and vibration levels to protect the OR staff as well as shortening the OR times to save money. Therefore, the target during the development of the TRS Recon Sagital Saw was to develop a handpiece with good ergonomics, fast and precise saw cuts, as well as low noise levels and vibration.

The new dedicated TRS Recon Sagittal Saw handpiece offers:

  • Time-saving knee and hip replacement surgery due to quick
    switch from the drill/ream to the saw handpiece
  • Ergonomic design, allowing optimal tool balance for performance
    of precise cuts
  • Low noise and vibration levels*, which allow comfortable and precise sawing when carrying out long cuts under high loads.

The Trauma Recon System includes a power module, which is the core of the system. It includes the motor, electronic control unit, and a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack. The power module is unsterile and must be removed during reprocessing of the handpiece. However, the Trauma Recon System has significantly longer life-time expectancy, since the critical components are not exposed to stress from sterilization and cleaning processes.

Best of all, the Trauma Recon System uses new technology, which, in combination with lithium-Ion batteries, almost totally reduces the need to change batteries interoperatively, prevents self-discharge during storage, and shows no memory effect (see Figure).

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