3.5mm TPLO Plate with Advanced Radial Compression (ARC)

The DePuy Synthes TPLO System is meticulously designed for stabilizing osteotomies of the canine proximal tibia, ensuring stable fixation and reliable healing. Developed in collaboration with and approved by the AO Technical Commission, the ARC TPLO plate comprises two 3.5mm plates, for both left and right applications.

This innovative system is engineered to deliver precise compression across the osteotomy, leveraging specialized compression holes along the shaft. This targeted compression not only fosters direct bone healing but also bolsters resistance against potential rock-back failures. Moreover, it streamlines the contour of the proximal plate and optimizes screw placements, reducing the necessity for plate contouring while ensuring dependable locking screw positioning. The design features a consistent locking interface between the plate and the locking screws, reinforcing stability and integrity.

The accompanying array of specialized instruments, including drill guides, TPLO jigs, saw guides, and saw blades, facilitates surgical execution, versatile implant positioning, pinpoint accuracy in osteotomy location, and guided stability of the saw blade.

The ARC TPLO plate stands out for its continuous, precisely directed compression across the osteotomy site. Notably, the proximal section of the ARC TPLO plate is slightly angled in a more caudal direction to accommodate diverse patient anatomies. Furthermore, the trajectories of proximal locking screws are designed to steer clear of the articular surface while engaging the central mass of the proximal tibia, ensuring optimal fixation and stability.

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