VOLT Mini Fragment and VOLT Small Fragment Plating System

The Variable-Angle Optimized Locking Technology (VOLT) Mini Fragment and Small Fragment Plating System was developed by the Next Generation Plating Task Force of the AO Technical Commission in collaboration with DePuy Synthes. It features a new variable angle locking technology which improves the locking strength compared to the existing VA-LCP platform. The system includes mini (2.0 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.7 mm) and small (3.5 mm) fragment non-contoured plates and screws (VA locking, cancellous and cortex screws) as well as instruments for open reduction and internal fixation of bone fragments.

Both plating systems are intended for adults, children (2-12 years), and adolescents (12-21 years) in which growth plates (physes) have fused, or in which unfused growth plates will not be compromised by fixation.

The new plates were designed to offer various plating options with regard to plate shape and profile as well as hole density to respond to different fracture patterns. The instrument functionality has been improved and a standardization in the consistent look and feel for the ease of use was implemented.

The Mini Fragment and Small Fragment plating systems are built up in a modular way, to be assembled according to customers’ preferences. Color coded universal and size specific instrument and implant trays help the surgeon to pick the right instruments for the selected plates. The two systems have both, stainless steel and titanium implants.

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