TERMIS-EU 2017 Conference

The AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) is pleased to announce the TERMIS-EU 2017 at the Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland.

27 October 2016

The Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) purpose is the worldwide advancement of both, the science and technology of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. TERMIS-EU 2017 aims to reach the highest level of scientific and clinical presentations (along with highest Swiss standards of organization) and up to 1,500 attendees are expected to participate.

We invite submission of abstracts for consideration for oral or poster presentations. We have over 20 accepted educational based society symposia from numerous European and International Societies, along with over 40 accepted traditional symposia. Depending upon strength in abstract submissions, other areas of sessions along with general sessions will also be held. An excellent Conference Scientific Advisory Committee will help the local organizing committee with the reviewing. All abstracts presented (poster or oral) will be published in a special supplement of the eCM online 'Open & Free Access' journal. Abstract Submission deadline is November 30, 2016. eCM Journal Impact Factor: 4.560.

For Orthopaedics & Trauma, the following Society Educational Symposia have been accepted:


International Cartilage Repair Society

Cell-based therapies for cartilage repairCell-based therapies for cartilage repair

Korean Orthopaedic Research Society

Novel strategies to induce chondrogenesis from stem cellsNovel strategies to induce chondrogenesis from stem cells

Korea Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Society

Gene transfer for cartilage regeneration

Bone and cartilage engineering by 3D bioprinting and smart biomaterialsBone and cartilage engineering by 3D bioprinting and smart biomaterials

Orthopaedic Research Society

ORS Presidents Cartilage SymposiumORS Presidents Cartilage Symposium

The Intervertebral Disc 1: In vitro bioreactors, what is their role in evaluating IVD regeneration?The Intervertebral Disc 1: In vitro bioreactors, what is their role in evaluating IVD regeneration?

The Intervertebral Disc 2: Challenges and opportunities in annulus fibrosus repair

Increasing Reproducibility & Rigor in Orthopaedic Preclinical Research: Bone Regeneration perspective (co-organised by AO VET)

Swiss Bone and Mineral Society

Therapeutic use of autologous stem cells for bone diseases

Swiss Society for Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine

Translational Cell-Based Therapies


A new mode of an additional session room, dedicated for the whole week to Student and Young Investigator Section (SYIS) presentations and activities will also be introduced at this meeting for the upcoming generation of scientists and engineers in the field of TERM. TERMIS-EU 2017 will also host the second ever Business Plan Competition, which was initiated at TERMIS-EU 2016 in Uppsala, Sweden along with the popular yearly Industrial Day set of sessions.

We hope to welcome you to this inspiring place for an excellent meeting of TERMIS-EU. This is THE meeting for surgeons interested in regenerating tissues.


Chairs: R. Geoff Richards, Director AO Research Institute Davos and Mauro Alini, Vice-Director AO Research Institute Davos

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