Honorary Professorship Boyko Gueorguiev

Dr. Boyko Gueorguiev, Program Leader at AO Research Institute Davos, received an Honorary Professorship from the Technical University of Varna (TUV)

27 May 2015

Honorary Professorship Boyko Gueorguiev

In the framework of the collaboration between the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) and the Technical University of Varna (TUV), Prof. Geoff Richards, Director AO R&D, and Dr. Boyko Gueorguiev, Program Leader Biomedical Services at AO Research Institute Davos, visited TUV on 20 May 2015 and participated at Boyko's promotion as an Honorary Professor of the University. Within the 53 year history of the TUV, there have been a total of only 27 honorary professors (from all over the world) at the University. Boyko is the first honorary professor from Switzerland.

The certificate award ceremony commenced after a welcome meeting with Prof. Ovid Farhi, Rector of TUV, Prof. Hristo Skulev, Vice–Rector of Research, and Prof. Velko Naumov, Vice–Rector of International Cooperation.

The nomination for honorary professorship was initiated by the Department of Materials Science and Technology at the Faculty of Industrial Technology, where Boyko had been appointed as a honorary lecturer in the field of biomedical engineering. Following a letter of intent between AO Research Institute Davos and TUV from 2012 and considering Boyko's scientific, publication and educational activities with the University, his candidacy for the professorship was fully supported by the University Scientific Academic Board. The Certificate of Honorary Award with the title Professor of the Technical University of Varna was handed over to Boyko by the Rector of the University Prof. Farhi in a special forum of the Academic Board in the presence of university's lecturers, scientific collaborators, team members, and PhD students. Boyko thanked warmly for this highly appreciated award, expressed his strong commitment to foster further the future scientific and educational collaboration between the two institutions. He then gave his inaugural lecture on the biomechanical research and development of implants for bone fracture fixation and treatment of joint disorders. In his turn, Prof. Geoff Richards lectured on the AO translational model and how this functions in collaboration with academic and industrial partners. Prof. Richards welcomed the furthering of the collaboration with one of the most innovative universities in Bulgaria. Prof. Richards was highly impressed with the maritime qualification center at TUV, with their developments in software for simulations in captain training and education and believes this is an area where there is good potential for cross–fertilization of knowledge for both research and educational simulations in the trauma field.

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