AO Research Institute Davos Scientific Coordination Meeting November 25th 2010 Davos

14 AO Research Institute Davos Fellows present their projects to their peers.

30 November 2010

The 5th AO Research Institute Davos Scientific Coordination meeting was dominated by presentations from all the current Medical and Research Fellows working in Davos.

It was impressive how motivated these young surgeons and scientists were while presenting their excellent research projects and how quickly they have become familiar with their new fields of expertise. This definitely provides additional motivation to their mentors as well.

These Fellowships build up strong relationships with the regions, strengthen the AO network and help to connect to both medical and research centers around the globe. The 14 presenting Fellows came from ten different countries representing South America (Columbia, Brazil), Australia, the Middle East (Israel & Egypt) and Europe (Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and Cyprus).

Josh Schroeder MD from Israel was thanked for his excellent
work during his fellowship on his last day in Davos.

What Josh said about his time in Davos:
"Over the last six months I met a wonderful group of people here in Switzerland. These people helped carry me in the tough times and where there to laugh with me at happy moments. I have learned a lot from each and every one of you and will remember you all kindly in future years. As the old Jewish Talmud said ‘one who has taught me even one letter shall be called my teacher’. Thank you all for the great time."

These fellowships are an excellent opportunity for medics to get insight into state of the art research.

Current Fellow, Fabian Duttenhöfer says:
“During my exciting time here at the AO in Davos I learned that aside from being an excellent research platform with top notch scientists AO also emphasizes a strong social network. I believe in this concept and think it is a real blast to work together not only with colleagues but with friends to face and conquer now and in the future clinical problems and develop new ideas. As somebody once said: ”Only the curious have something to find.”

All Fellows and Guests currently at the AO Research Institute Davos in Davos, together with AO Research Institute Davos Director Geoff Richards, Vice Director Mauro Alini and Sandra Steiner (Manager Exploratory Research Board, currently funding the majority of medical research fellowship within AO Research Institute Davos).

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