Graziana Monaco

PhD Student
AO Research Institute Davos (ARI)
Clavadelerstrasse 8
7270 Davos, Switzerland

Graziana Monaco is a Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnologist. She completed her master degree thesis at the NNL of University of Salento (now CNR-NANO) in Italy working on patterning of active biological molecules for genomic and proteomic applications.

Following completion of her masters degree, Graziana Monaco worked at Sanofi for three years, first with an internship and then as biotechnologist collaborator, mainly focusing on Upstream Bioprocess Development for the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients produced by fermentation technology with lab-scale bioreactor and Quality Control.

In May 2015, she completed a two year program of higher education in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine focused on the regeneration of peripheral nerve and osteocartilaginous tissues. She worked on the impact of different FDA-approved sterilization procedures on the performance of new implantable medical device collagen-based.

She works on the optimization of an innovative ex vivo culture system based on a unique bioreactor designed to properly address human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and cartilage integration to improve the in vitro chondrogenesis model.

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