Géraldine Guex

Research Scientist, PhD
AO Research Institute Davos (ARI)
Clavadelerstrasse 8
7270 Davos, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 81 414 24 53

Dr Géraldine Guex joined the AO Research Institute in March 2020 as a Research Scientist in the Biomedical Materials group. She works in the team and on projects surrounding sound-induced 3-dimensional patterning of cells. Her research focuses on the design of new in vitro models to investigate cell-material interactions and translate gained knowledge to clinically relevant biografts for regenerative medicine.

Géraldine graduated from the University of Basel (CH) with a Master of Science in Nanosciences in 2008. During her master thesis under the supervision of Ivan Martin at the University Hospital Basel, she got a first glimpse of electrospinning and tissue engineering and stayed in the field ever since. After her master thesis, she conducted a PhD at the University of Bern (CH) and the Clinic of Cardiovascular Surgery working on the design and functionalisation of electrospun membranes for cardiac repair. Then, with an Early.Postdoc Mobility and an Advanced.Postdoc Mobility Fellowship from the SNF, she worked as a post-doc in the group of Prof Molly Stevens at the Imperial College London (UK). She expanded her expertise on electrospun membranes to projects with conjugated polymer systems and conductive scaffolds for bone and cardiac tissue engineering. In 2016, she moved back to Switzerland where she joined the Empa in St. Gallen as a Scientist, focusing on the development of electrospun membranes and new material-based drug delivery systems to reduce scar formation and bacterial infection of dermal wounds. In addition to her own projects, Géraldine has been involved in mentoring several bachelor, master, or PhD students and supervised research interns.