AO Innovation Translation Center funding opportunities: Strategy Fund resources

The Strategy Fund supports innovative early-stage ideas strengthening the AO in key strategic areas.

The focus is on:

  • Clinical tools and technologies for any element of the entire patient journey in musculoskeletal disorders, from diagnosis to post-operative care; or
  • Educational tools, platforms or channels for lifelong training of surgeons

Applications are evaluated for their impact on the mission of the AO and against the following criteria:

  • Strategic impact
  • Degree of innovation
  • Feasibility
  • Sustainability
  • Team quality

How to apply

Read our Terms and Conditions, then click on the online form.
Anyone can apply. Proposals are approved in June and December.
Deadline: January 31, 2022
If you have any questions, the team is here to help!
  • Key achievements 
    Key achievements
  • Key partnerships 
  • Governance
    The AO Foundation Board governs the strategy fund resources, through a committee comprised by the following members: Neal Futran (Chair – CMF surgeon), Erik Asimus (VET surgeon) and Jeffrey Wang (AOFB representative – Spine surgeon). AO President Florian Gebhard (Trauma surgeon) is a permanent guest.

[Title] Our portfolio



Leveraging artificial intelligence to improve patient care


Digitally Enhanced Hands-on Surgical Training

A new generation of hybrid surgical training tools



A new, interactive, virtual osteosynthesis software tool and learning platform

[Title] Past projects

Strengthening Preclinical Research

Getting funding to explore breakthrough surgical procedures, devices and substances that improve patient care can be difficult enough, and the challenge becomes even more daunting when the subject is improving research methodology.

AO Mobility Toolkit

This new could system could become standard in large, multicenter research trials

Generations Survey at the AO Foundation

A multilingual survey—covering three generations of AO Trauma members in AO Foundation’s five global regions—will examine how attitudes, work habits and behaviors could differ across the generations. The findings of this survey will serve as a cornerstone for shaping the organization’s strategy

AO VET North America Marketing Initiative

AO VET North America (AOVETNA) is demonstrating its relevance to key veterinary orthopedic organizations in North America and showcasing itself as the region’s primary source of veterinary orthopedic continuing medical education and recertification.

Play Safe with Sisimpur

An AO Foundation employee had an idea that they brought to the AO Strategy Fund for funding: why not develop educational content to prevent traumatic injuries in children in low- and middle-income countries? This could be achieved using the vehicle of one of the world's foremost leaders in...

AO Archive and History

The AO, founded in 1958, has a long and proud history. Similar to the way French hospitals revolutionized the physical diagnosis of patients in the 19th century, not by inventing something new but by standardizing, making routine and measuring the effects of the principles of...

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