AO Technical Commission Innovation Awards

For outstanding achievements.

AO recognition acts as a driver for further innovative development.

The AO Recognition Award, the AO Technical Commission Innovation Prize, and the AO Technical Commission Certificate of Merit are intended to recognize and encourage the continued pursuit of excellence, innovation, and continued rigorous improvement.

The AO Technical Commission recognizes outstanding achievements in development and innovation, which have a lasting impact on patient care and outcomes in fields central to the AO mission.

AO Recognition Award

The AO Recognition Award is awarded by the AO Foundation's supervisory body, the AOFB, to honor individuals within the AO Technical Commission who have made significant contributions to the AO Foundation throughout their career and achieved meaningful impact to product innovation and patient care.

In July 2017 the Recognition Award was presented to David L Helfet; a member of the AO Technical Commission since 1998 from New York in USA. The AO Technical Commission would like to thank David for his enduring engagement and signification impact on the AO throughout his career.

David certainly stands in good company following his receipt of the award in July. Previous winners of the AO Recognition Award are:

2016 Dankward Höntzsch

2012 Pietro Regazzoni

2010 Paul W Pavlov

2008 Jörg A Auer

2006 Alex E Staubli

2005 Theerachai Apivatthakakul, Anselmo Reyes, Christoph Sommer, Timothy Weber

2004 Stephan Perren (Prize for Lifetime Achievements)

2004 Emanuel Gautier

2004 Michael Schütz

2003 Brigitte von Rechenberg

2002 Phil Kregor

2001 Michael Plecko

2000 Michael Wagner

1999 Reto Babst

1998 Douglas Klotch

1998 Christian Krettek

1994 Christoph Müller

1994 Roland Schmoker


AO Technical Commission Innovation Prize

The AO Technical Commission's Innovation Prize is awarded by the AO Technical Commission's supervisory body, the TKEB, to recognize individuals or groups for their leading involvement and innovative contribution to a project that has made significant impact.

The 2018 winner of the AO Technical Commission Innovation Prize is Karl Stoffel who was acknowledged for his outstanding contribution in AO Technical Commission since 2012. As a member of the Lower Extremity Expert Group, he supervised and guided the development of the Femoral Neck System with his innovative ideas.

Being Chair of the Periprosthetic Fracture Task Force, Karl Stoffel decisively influenced the design and development of a new Modular Periprosthetic Plating System. The AO Technical Commission congratulates Karl Stoffel on his achievements and is looking forward to a continuing fruitful collaboration with him to further advance patient care.

Previous winners of the AO Technical Commission Innovation Prize are:

2016 Scott P Bartlett, Daniel Buchbinder, Carl-Peter Cornelius, Nils-Claudius Gellrich, Damir Matic, Alf L Nastri, Rainer Schmelzeisen

2013 Gerhard Schmidmaier, Michael J Raschke

2013 Michael Mayer

2012 Per-Henrik Agren, Michael Gastro, Juan B Gerstner Garcés, Leslie Grujic, Andrew K Sands, Ian G Winson

2011 Theodor F Slongo

2010 Peter Däscher, Romano Matthys-Mark, Urs Schlegel, Peter Toggwiler, Dieter Wahl

2010 Emanuel Gautier

2008 Alberto A Fernández Dell'Oca

2007 Toru Sato

2007 Takeshi Sawaguchi

2006 Sigvard T Hansen

2001 Fridolin Schläpfer

2001 Robert Frigg

1995 Hill Hastings, Jürg Brennwald, Ueli Büchler, Jesse Jupiter


AO Technical Commission Certificate of Merit

The Certificate of Merit is awarded by the AO Technical Commission's supervisory body, the TKEB, to individuals as a sign of appreciation for outstanding activities over the course of one project or a year.

In December 2019, Markus Windolf received the AO Technical Commission Certificate of Merit. He was in particular awarded for the outstanding and innovative development of a simplified navigation system based on shape recognition and for a concept to automatically determine the required screw length during drilling.

Both concepts are now in translation to clinical applications which is a clearly visible sign that the Concept Development Focus Area under the thoughtful leadership of Windolf plays an essential role in the efforts of the AO Foundation to foster innovation. In this regard the AO Technical Commission wishes Windolf and his team continued success and is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Previous winners of the AO Technical Commission Certificate of Merit are:

2012 Alexander Schramm, Edward B. Strong, Marc C. Metzger

2009 Marc C. Metzger, Edward B. Strong

2007 Peter Messmer

2007 Beat Hammer

2006 Kaj Klaue

2006 Hans Zwipp

2005 Maria Fernanda Sanchez

2004 Romano Matthys

2004 Daniel Rikli

2003 Yvonne Adank

2001 Ortrun Pohler

2001 Christoph Nötzli

2001 Joy Buchanan

2000 Hermann Oberli

2000 Frank Baumgart

1994 Helga Reichel


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