Innovations magazine 2019

All the latest approved solutions from the AO Technical Commission

The 2019 edition of the AO Technical Commission's Innovations magazine offers the latest information on newly approved trauma, spine, CMF and vet products in collaboration with our trusted partner, DePuy Synthes.

In addition to the usual showcase of AO Technical Commission innovations, this issue contains summaries of our Meet the Experts' sessions and the  Experts' Symposia in 2018.

Contributions from the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI), AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation (AO CID) as well as the AO Education Institute (AO EI) complement the content of this edition.


With lead article on the newly released Reamer Irrigator Aspirator System (RIA 2), and a featured clinical article on improving the treatment of complex distal femoral fractures, this new edition of the AO Technical Commission's magazine, Innovations 2019, covers the most recent innovations designed to have a major impact on advancing patient care worldwide.

The trauma-related part of this magazine comprises the new Universal Small Fragment System, Partially Threaded Cannulated Compression Headless Screws, Quick Insertion Screws,  Y-shaped Nitinol staples, and the new MatrixRIB self-drilling screws and screw guides.

In the spine section an overview is given of PROTI 360°, a family of integrated titanium-coated PEEK cages that promote spinal fusion in patients with degenerative disc disease, and the major spine innovation is the Symphony Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic System, developed as an enhanced set of instruments and implants for posterior fixation of the upper (occipito-thoracic) spine.

There is a section on the new CMF distractor, which has been approved and launched. The device is used for lengthening or bone transport to correct congenital deficiencies or posttraumatic defects in the mandible, the midface, or the cranium in pediatric and adult patients.

For veterinary specialists, there is an article looking at the use of the Human LCP Distal Femoral Plate for veterinary applications.

Additional content includes an overview of recent AO Technical Commission news and updates, AO TC Experts Symposia, and Meet the Experts sessions.


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