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COVID-19 presents everyone working in health care with a complex array of challenges, from high personal risks of exposure to the virus, to complications in treating patients, and changes to established treatment patterns. Explore the resources we are developing to meet the diverse needs emerging across our network.

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We respect the need to reduce face-to-face interaction in the international measures to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever your field, we offer high-quality education and training resources online. The range of modules on offer is expanding. Get the latest in your field!


From the Frontline: a COVID-19 special report

Watch earlier editions:


AO Trauma from the frontline: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Challenges in Orthopedic Surgery during COVID-19

May 15

From the frontline: a COVID-19 special report on stress and grief management during the crisis

May 7

From the frontline: a COVID-19 Africa special report on harnessing innovation to manage resources.

April 30

AO VET from the frontline: Animals, SARS-CoV-2, and humans—A delicate interplay with indelicate consequences

April 23

Managing staff, trainees, and residents

April 19

Corona Pandemic and Surgery

April 9

Epidemiology, resource pressure

April 9

Preparedness in Latin America

April 2

PPE in surgical and dental care

March 26

How prepared are we?

March 19


myAO: your digital gateway to expertise, education, and innovation

myAO offers you intuitive access to dependable knowledge when you need it. It is your pathway to personalized knowledge, critical insights from clinical experts, and verified videos on demand.

Everyone at myAO recognizes the need within our community for verified content relating to COVID-19. The myAO COVID-19 Information Hub has been created in response to overwhelming demand from across our network for access to verified information about the virus in a clinical setting. Curated by volunteer surgeons, these collections are continually being developed and improved.

Explore the myAO resources:

More COVID-19 related resources from your AO network


AO Spine Webinar—The COVID-19 Pandemic: The role of the spine surgeon

March 27


AO Spine Webinar—The COVID-19 Pandemic: Effects on daily practice in spine surgery & updates from all regions

April 4


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