AO Milestones (DRAFT)

Your pathway to surgical proficiency

At AO Milestones, we integrate modern technology with the foundational strengths of traditional medical education to redefine orthopedic residency training. Our program is designed to meet the rigorous standards set by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), ensuring orthopedic residents are well-prepared for the demands of today's rapidly evolving medical field.

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Master the Essentials of Orthopedics: Explore our expertly designed modules in Fundamentals of Osteosynthesis, Hip, Distal Radius and more.

  • Available Globally: Comprehensive adaptive learning modules. 
  • Exclusive in North America: AO Milestones skills events.

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Who Benefits from AO Milestones?

1. Residency Program Directors (RPDs):

  • Seamless Curriculum Integration: Enhances existing training modules with cutting-edge adaptive learning technologies that support ACGME requirements.

  • Objective Skill Assessment: Utilizes validated performance metrics to ensure residents meet critical competencies, aiding in objective evaluation and program accreditation.

2. Orthopedic Residents:

  • Personalized Learning Journeys: Powered by an AI-driven adaptive learning algorithm, our platform tailors educational content to individual pace and proficiency, ensuring optimal understanding and interaction. 

  • Realistic Surgical Practice: Residents engage in hands-on training with simulators (DEHST) for psychomotor skills and Virtual Reality simulations. These tools provide near-real-life surgical environments, enhancing practical skills in a risk-free setting.

3. Medical Faculty:

  • Interactive Educational Tools: Utilize OSapp, Surgery Reference, and Branchtrack to engage students deeply, making learning both effective and enjoyable. . 

  • Detailed Progress Tracking and Reporting: Detailed Progress Tracking and Reporting: Allows faculty to monitor resident progress through sophisticated assessments, highlighting areas needing attention and fostering better educational outcomes..

AO Milestones: The next generation of trauma surgery education

  • Adaptive Learning Modules: Features a cutting-edge adaptive learning system that dynamically adjusts educational content based on real-time assessments of learner progress and needs.

  • Hands-on Skills Training: Combines hands-on skills training simulator (DEHST) with immersive Virtual Reality (VR) to provide a comprehensive, interactive training experience, ensuring theoretical knowledge is effectively translated into practical surgical skills. 

  • Comprehensive Assessments: Offer in-depth formative and summative evaluations that simulate real-world medical scenarios, allowing residents and program directors to continually assess and enhance learning outcomes.

  • AO Milestones delivers personalized, AI-enhanced learning that adapts in real-time, ensuring each resident masters skills at their own pace.

  • Interactive, fun, and immersive training experiences with the hands-on skills training simulator DEHST, allowing residents to practice surgical techniques in a risk-free environment.

  • Comprehensive, real-world scenario-based summative assessments provide clear, actionable insights into resident proficiency.

Tailored Learning:

Adaptive modules that respond in real-time to your individual learning needs for maximum efficiency.

Insightful Analytics:

Continuous, multifaceted assessments provide deep insights for tailored coaching and skill development.

Realistic Practice:

Realistic simulations offer real-life scenarios with immediate feedback, enhancing your surgical skills.

Certification Readiness:

Rigorous assessment based on EPAs ensure you are fully prepared for clinical excellence.

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