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Scientific Education and Research Foundation
9005 Grant Street, Suite 200
80229, Denver CO
United States

Contact person:
Rianna Jackson
Ph: 303-287-2800
Fax: 303-287-7357

Spine Center Director: Michael E. Janssen D.O.

Spine Team:
Michael E. Janssen D.O.
Jacob C.L. Rumley, D.O.
Clay B. Dorenkamp, D.O.

Center description

The “Center for Spine and Orthopedics” (CSO) is solely devoted to the care of spinal disorders in the pediatric and adult populations. The CSO staff includes 3 orthopedic spine surgeons (Michael E. Janssen D.O., Jacob C.L. Rumley, D.O. and Clay B. Dorenkamp, D.O.) in addition to allied health professionals. International fellows will receive a broad clinical and operative exposure that includes patients with degenerative spinal disorders, deformities, and trauma. CSO offers a unique experience with varying philosophies, exposure to multiple surgical techniques, and a well-rounded approach to spine care, including both non-surgical and surgical treatment plans.

The “Scientific Education and Research Foundation” (SERF) is a non-profit learning and teaching center within CSO, that participates in collective research projects throughout the year.

Both CSO and SERF are located within a unique medical complex called the Thornton Spine and Orthopedic Center. This complex is also home to the “Musculoskeletal Surgery Center” (MSC) and an imaging center, known as “Centura Health Envision Radiology (CHER), aka Health Images – Denver. The mission of the MSC is to provide expertise and surgical procedures in a comfortable, safe and convenient environment. The MSC offers surgeons the most advanced medical equipment and technology available for minimally invasive techniques and procedures. Health Images opened in June 2003, and offers the patients of north Denver a new outpatient facility featuring, MRI, CT and Bone Densitometry for an enhanced experience in diagnostic imaging..


Spine Surgeons:
Michael E. Janssen, D.O. (Fellowship Director) 
Monroe I. Levine, MD (Fellowship Coordinator) 
Jacob C. L. Rumley, D.O.
Clay B. Dorenkamp, D.O.

Orthopedic Surgeons:
Lucas G. Schnell, D.O.
Oscar F. Noel, D.O.
Jacob C. L. Rumley, D.O.
Clay B. Dorenkamp, D.O.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:
George A. Leimbach, MD
Paul S. Leo, MD

Eric C. Kuhlman, DPM 

Nurse Practitioners: 
Ruth H. Beckham
Jacque Carbone

Physician Assistants:
Rachel J. Cengia
Kate Weisenborn
Kandace L. Hudson
Carly E. Galimanis 

Most frequent facilities

HealthONE North Suburban Medical Center (NSMC)
Centura St. Anthony North Hospital (SAN)
Musculoskeletal Surgery Center (MSC)
Center for Spine and Orthopedics (CSO)
Scientific Education and Research Foundation (SERF)

Approximate percentage of exposure to the Spine by region

Cervical: 40% 
Thoracic: 10% 
Lumbar: 50%

Approximate percentage of Fellowship exposure to the Spine by diagnostic category:

Degenerative: 60% 
Trauma: 10% 
Deformity: 20% 
Tumor: 5% 
Other: 2.5% 
Pediatric: 2.5% 


Approximately 600 procedures performed per year

  • Cervical deformity 
    Adult cervical reconstruction
  • Degenerative cervical spine 
    Anterior foraminotomy 
    Cervical stabilization  
    Microsurgical disc surgery  
    Posterior foraminotomy 
    Total disc replacement
  • Degenerative lumbar spine 
    Dynamic posterior stabilization 
    Microsurgical disc surgery  
    Microsurgical spinal stenosis 
    Nucleus replacement  
    Total disc replacement
  • Osteoporotic spine 
  • Thoracolumbar deformity 
    Ankylosing spondylits osteotomy  
    Congenital deformities
    Scoliotic deformities  

Fellowship types

Observerships, short term (1-3 Months)




Accommodation available for approx. USD 1900/month

Administration Fees

$200.00 per week, not to exceed $1600.00 (USD)
Please note that the Administration Fee will be deducted from your Stipend