Hospital Getúlio Vargas—Recife, Brazil

Hospital Getúlio Vargas
Avenida Gen. San Martin s/n Cordeiro
CEP: 50630-060

Tel: +55 81 3184 5600

Spine Center Director: Dr. Túlio Rangel

Team members:
Dr. André Flavio Freire Pereira
Dr. Marcus Andre Costa Ferreira
Dr. Rodrigo Castro de Medeiros
Dr. Luciano Temporal Borges Cabral

Center description:

Founded 62 years ago, the Hospital Getúlio Vargas is a reference in the field of orthopedics, performing more than 2,000 emergency calls per month and another 12,000 in the outpatient clinic. It has 445 beds, 17 rooms in the operating room and 31 ICU beds .

Only accredited service of Brazilian Spine Society (since 2007) in the state of Pernambuco, weekly performs operations for deformities, degenerative diseases and infections. The service also has image intensifier, rehabilitation center and vascular/ access surgeon.

Most frequently pathologies:



338 per year

  • Degenerative: 152 per year
  • Deformity:  96  per year
  • Trauma: 34 per year
  • Infection: 32 per year
  • Tumor: 24 per year

Fellowship types:

Observership, Short-Term

Language requirements:

English, Portuguese, Spanish

Vacancies per year:

Observership: 6 per year 
Short-Term: 4 per year

Fellowship Start:

Observership: anytime 
Short-Term: from January (second half) until November

Special requirements:

Health Certificate

Program characteristic:


Encourage the assimilation of basic concepts regarding surgical anatomy, biomechanics, diagnostic methods and treatment options.
Promote the training of the spine surgeon by teaching basic surgical techniques.
Familiarize the fellow with new technologies such as endoscopy and growing rods for example.
Last but not least, stimulate critical thinking through the presentation and discussion of scientific articles.


1. Clinical practice

It consists of the participation of fellows in the surgeries performed four days a week (eventually 5 days) with the previous study of the case, preparation and positioning of the patient and surgical access. According to the fellow's technical level, specific procedures such as the passage of pedicle screws, osteotomies and discectomy are allowed, always under the supervision of the surgeon in charge. On Tuesday morning at the meeting of the orthopedics department, postoperative cases are presented followed by a visit in the patient´s rooms. On Thursday morning is held the meeting of the spine group with the presentation of seminars, paper discussions, evaluation of preoperative cases and presentation of the postoperative results of the previous week.

On Thursday and Friday afternoon, outpatient clinics are held at Hospital Getúlio Vargas, usually with the participation of residents in addition to fellows. The development of the research project and reviews are normally carried out on Tuesday afternoon.

2. Research

Displays main line of study the treatment of spine deformity and related techniques. It has a database for archiving photos, exam results and registration of cases attended. The fellow must prepare at least two papers per year.

3. Academic

Fellows' participation in scientific events is encouraged since the beginning of the specialization, always proposing a critical view of scientific articles, clinical cases and informal debate. The fellow is allowed to perform courses, workshops and participation in congresses as well as to carry out exchanges of 30 days in partner training centers.

4. Other activities

Once a month, the fellow participates in the rare diseases outpatient clinic at the clinic RARUS (a reference in the treatment of these diseases)

5. Evaluation

Conducted through oral questioning during the seminars and in a simulated format for the fellows who will test for the Brazilian Spine Society.


Full-time regime Monday to Friday from 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM