Sarawak General Hospital, Malaysia

Department of Orthopaedic
Jalan Hospital, 
Kuching, Sarawak, 93586 


Spine Center Director: Nur Aida Faruk Senan

Team member:
Boon Beng Tan 
Brian Yian Young Teo

Center description

Sarawak General Hospital is the referral center for various spine cases within Sarawak.

Most frequent pathologies

Cases vary from degenerative spine, correction of spine deformity, spine trauma, infections and tumour

Most frequent surgical procedures

PSO, MISTLIF and scoliosis (PSF)
Number of cases
Number of cases per year: 
Number of instrumented cases per year: 

Approximately 1141 procedures performed per year

• Cervical deformity
• Cervical trauma 
• Cervical tumor 
• Chronic Pain
• Degenerative cervical spine 
• Degenerative lumbar spine 
• Dysraphic conditions 
• Rheumatoid cervical spine 
• Special procedures
• Spinal cord Injury
• Thoracic & lumbar trauma 
• Thoracic & lumbar tumor 
• Thoracolumbar deformity

350 - 400

approx. 1 per month  
approx. 4 per month 
approx. 1 per month 
approx. 0 per month 
approx. 16 per month 
approx. 23 per month 
approx. 3 per month 
approx. 1 per month 
approx. 19 per month 
approx. 0 per month 
approx. 11 per month 
approx. 6 per month 
approx. 11 per month

Types of fellowships

  • National fellowship
  • Regional and international fellowship
  • Short-term fellowships (2 weeks to 6 months)
  • Long-term fellowships (6 to 12 months)
  • Fellow can scrub-in and assist scrubbed in
Average number of surgeries per week in the OR for the fellow: 7