Royal Adelaide Hospital

Royal Adelaide Hosptial
Port Rd
Adelaide SA 5000

Tel: +618 7074 2036 
Fax: +618 7074 6198 

Spine Center Director: YH Yau

Team members:
YH Yau
David Hall
Simon Sandler
Yu Chao Lee
Aaron Stevenson
Chris Tsimiklis
Matthew Rackham

Center description

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is a 800 bed tertiary referral centre servicing South Australia and the Northern Territory, as well as parts of Victoria and New South Wales, and is home to the regions only Spinal Injuries Unit. A full range of adult degenerative and reconstructive surgery is carried out.

The Spinal Unit has close links with the Women's & Children's Hospital, providing access to paediatric deformity and reconstructive work.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital was one of first in the country to integrate Neurosurgical and Orthopaedic spine services.


Most frequent pathologies

Trauma, tumor, degeneration


Number of cases 

Cases per year: 
Number of instrumented cases per year: 

Total estimated number of procedures:

  • Cervical deformity
  • Cervical trauma 
  • Cervical tumor 
  • Degenerative cervical spine 
  • Degenerative lumbar spine 
  • Special procedures
  • Thoracic & lumbar trauma 
  • Thoracic, lumbar and sacral tumor 
  • Thoracolumbar deformity 

Other techniques performed:

  • Minimally invasive techniques



5 per month
4 per month
15 per month
5 per month
1 per month
1 per month 


5 per month


Types of Fellowships

  • National fellowship
  • Regional and international fellowship
  • Short-term fellowships (2 weeks to 3 months)
  • Fellow can scrub-in
  • Fellow cannot assist scrubbed in

Average number of surgeries per week in the OR for the fellow: 10