Ganga Hospital—Coimbatore, India

Department of Spine Services
313, Mettupalayam Road, 
641043 Coimbatore
Fellowship Co-ordinator:
Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty

Spine Center Director: Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran

Team member:
Ajoy Prasad Shetty 
Rishi Kanna

Center description

Ganga Hospital is a tertiary care center for spinal disorders in southern India. The hospital provided outpatient clinic consultation for more than 39359 patients and performed 2734 surgical procedures in 2017. The hospital is an accredited center for fellowship programs with - Asia Pacific Spine Society, SICOT international, Association of Spine surgeons of India, National Board of Examination New Delhi and M.G.R. University of medical sciences. More than 200 surgeons have completed short and long term fellowships at Ganga Hospital till date.

The hospital Ganga is one of the 15 centers identified internationally as a centre of excellence in orthopaedics and is a member of the (ISOC) International Society of Orthopaedic Centers

Most frequent pathologies

Traumatic spinal injuries, degenerative lumbar and cervical spine surgeries, spinal Infections and pediatric deformities

Most frequent surgical procedures

Microdiscectomy, decompressions, lumbar fusions, trauma, navigation, deformity corrections (both scoliosis and kyphosis), surgical management of spinal infections including TB.

Number of cases
Number of cases per year: 
Number of instrumented cases per year: 

Total estimated number of procedures per month: 

• Cervical
• Thoracic
• Lumbar     
• Deformity
• Neurosurgical
• Spino Pelvic   
• Miscellaneous

• Cervical trauma
• Degenerative cervical spine
• Degenerative lumbar spine
• Thoracic & lumbar trauma
• Listhesis
• Infections
• Special procedures
• Thoracic, lumbar and sacral tumour
• Thoracolumbar deformity



313 per month
243 per month
1249 per month
205 per month
24 per month
28 per month
672 per month

11-13 per month
8-10 per month
48 per month
24 per month
40-42 per month
1-2 per month
15 per month
2 per month
15-17 per month

Types of Fellowships

  • National fellowship
  • Regional and international fellowship
  • Short-term fellowships (2 weeks to 6 months)
  • Fellow can scrub-in and assist scrubbed in

Average number of surgeries per week: 30 – 40