Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre—Mumbai, India

Department of Spine Surgery
New Marine Lines, 
Mumbai, 400020 

Spine Center Director: Arvind Kulkarni

Center description

Bombay Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Mumbai. We perform more than 1000 spine surgeries in a year. We have all modern facilities including spinal navigation and neuromonitoring. The fellowship at our centre is accredited by ASSI (Association of Spine Surgeons of India) and AO Spine.

Most frequent pathologies

Deformity, Degeneration, Infection

Most frequent surgical procedures

Tubular Micro-lumbar decompression, tubular micro-discectomy, MIS-TLIF

Number of cases
Number of cases per year: 
Number of instrumented cases per year: 

Total estimated number of procedures:
• Cervical deformity     
• Cervical trauma
• Cervical tumor     
• Rheumatoid cervical spine
• Degenerative cervical spine
• Degenerative lumbar spine   
• Thoracic & lumbar trauma 
• Thoracolumbar deformity  

Other techniques performed:
Minimally invasive spinal surgery


2 per month
2 per month
2 per month
1 per month
5 per month
20 per month
1 per month
2 per month

Types of fellowships

  • National fellowship
  • Regional and international fellowship
  • Short-term fellowships (2 weeks to 6 months)
  • Long-term fellowships (6 to 12 months)
  • Fellow can scrub-in and assist scrubbed in

Average number of surgeries per week in the OR for the fellow: 8–10