MISS Curriculum

A pathway for surgeons to follow into minimally invasive spine surgery

Curriculum framework

“Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is a suite of technology-dependent techniques and procedures that reduces local operative tissue damage and systemic surgical stress enabling earlier return to function striving for better outcomes than traditional techniques.”

AO Spine MISS Curriculum Task Force May, 2018

Curriculum assets


Curriculum Brochure

This document is meant to support AO Spine faculty members in focusing on the standards to teach MISS techniques from the 'simple' to more 'complex' technologies.

Full access faculty only

MISS teaching videos

Access all the MISS specific teaching videos in the AO Video Hub.

Full access faculty only

Surgical Manuals

Download the different step by step guides to various MISS procedures and all supporting documentation for faculty planning an MISS course.

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AO Spine aims to provide opportunities for all members to become better teachers.

“With AO Spine we had the idea to put together courses to teach surgeons to learn how to take care of really sick patients using effective minimally invasive techniques and technology. This material will help you to prepare yourself as chairperson for the course or do self-study for your development.”

Roger Härtl, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) Task Force Leader