Sizing & positioning

Safe zone
Always respect the safe zone (one times the globe’s diameter)
around the logo.
Safe zone
Placement is as important for recognizability as form or color.
The logo is always placed in the top left corner of a product, no
matter whether the format is portrait or landscape.
Logo positioning
If it is necessary to create a new layout, please refer to the logo size and placement table on this page or follow the general positioning rule: place the logo in the top left corner and move it 2 times the globe diameter to the right and 1.5 times the globe diameter downwards.

Exceptions: special positioning/sizing for stationery in A4/Letter
format, eg, letters, faxes, and forms, use Logo size L, scale down to 70%, place it 26.5 mm from left border, 15 mm from top—text indent 30 mm (please refer to the adjacent table).
Logo position