Brand fonts / Print

Typography plays an important role in communication and overall tone and quality. Careful use of typography reinforces our personality and ensures clarity and harmony in all AO publications and communications. We have selected Formata as the primary corporate typeface. Please refer to the templates for optimal font settings for print use.

This font is clear, modern, and easy to read. The array of available faces makes it possible to create individual designs for a wide variety of content, while still ensuring a uniform, consistent image.

NEVER use italics for titles. Italic font faces of FormataBQ should only be used in tables, text references and the like.

Meridien LT Std
The Formata font family is supplemented by the serif font Meridien for body text and ornamental use. Meridien is very easy to read and thus especially suited for long publications with large amounts of text.

Cyrillic, Greek, and other languages with
non-latin glyphs:

FormataBQ and Meridien LT Std may not contain all the glyphs needed. In this case, you may fall back on Arial as MS Office font or on Open Sans.