A good image reflects the AO vision and mission and focuses on people. It shows dedicated people engaging in educational activities, research, etc. The image style is:
– representative of the AO family
– real, unposed, direct
– confident and engaging
– supportive of the key message
– warm, human, not industrial or technical

The AO Foundation has established its own and unique visual language through the careful consideration of the use of photography to consistently reflect its culture and

A rich source of carefully-selected images can be accessed on Cumulus. This should be the main source of imagery in all communications materials. When in doubt please contact the AO Foundation Communications & Events team.

Cumulus image database

Select the imagery carefully and chose an appropriate view/detail.

Potential compliance issues: do not show holiday resorts, food and drink, or leisure activities. Please check carefully with (local) regulations. If in doubt, contact your regional office or the AO legal department.

Compliance Contact