Color application examples

Primary Colors / Example 1
AO blue 1 and black 2 are generally used for typography.
The warm grey 3 is applied in the slogan element and
can be carefully applied in designs/layouts to reflect
warmth and friendliness (see next page; please also refer
to the imagery chapter).

Primary Colors / Example 2
Elevated use of the AO primary colors AO blue 1 and
warm grey 2 helps reinforce the AO Foundation as the
owner of the communication and reflects positivity and
human connections.
On a practical level, these colors need to be carefully
applied in text and backgrounds to help structure

Secondary colors
Secondary colors are mainly used in diagrams and infographs,
and should not be used for text.
They have been created for maximum distinguishability in digital
(eg, PowerPoint), print and in black and white reproduction.