Brand architecture

The AO Foundation consists of four clinical divisions, two initiatives, three institutes and the Technical Commission. Though their mission and strategy are the same, their operational goals as well as their target audiences differ. However the clinical divisions, initiatives and the AO Foundation share the globe and triangle symbol, and the AO wordmark.

Never separate the triangle/globe symbol and the AO wordmark.
The name, and the logo, express how all the units are part of one family. AO represents the “gold standard” within the field of trauma; consequently the names AOTrauma, AOSpine, AOCMF and AOVET signal this same attribute. The following pages explain the correct application of the AO Foundation corporate design guidelines which apply to all AO Foundation entities globally. The four clinical divisions and the two initiatives have their own logos and visual marks.

Always contact the AO Communications & Events team if you are unsure about the logo or wordmark.