Dear colleagues

As a global organization, the AO Foundation’s brand, and its supporting corporate design, is of the utmost importance to us. Our brand incorporates the outstanding work that has been achieved at the AO Foundation since 1958. It stands for all the groundbreaking endeavors our network has undertaken and all the great inventions we have created that serve a single purpose: better patient care in trauma and orthopedics around the world. This is why our brand must be used in a professional manner and treated with maximum respect.

Being active globally also means that we must present a united face to the customer. Key to achieving this is professional communications and using our brand and corporate design in a consistent way.​

On our brand portal you will find all the necessary information, specifications and documents to enable you to apply and execute professional communications and to further enhance the perception and image of our organization. Our online brand portal will be frequently updated, so please review it regularly and contact our Communications & Events team if you have any questions.

And now please take charge of our brand Our brand guidelines and the accompanying examples are designed to help you produce communications material and to correctly brief, support, and monitor the production activities of your partners.

Thank you very much for your support.

Signature of Olga Harrington / Head Communications
Olga Harrington
Head Communications