AO Recon Course—Comprehensive Shoulder Arthroplasty

A world-class curriculum course with anatomical specimen developed by renowned surgeons.

„The anatomical specimen lab was fantastic! Perfect exposure with time and anatomical structures. In the operating room I do not get to see this which helps me with decision making and improves dissection technique.”

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This course teaches fundamental principles and current concepts in the treatment of patients with a need for primary arthroplasty for various pathologies. It is the initial step along the path of lifelong learning in the area of shoulder arthroplasty.

Surgeons interested in shoulder specialization (trauma surgeons, senior residents, sports injury surgeons) who are starting to perform shoulder arthroplasty or who already have some experience should attend this course to learn from experts and gain the mandatory skills and knowledge.

Why you should choose this course

Top national, regional, and international faculty

For surgeons who already treat (shoulder arthroplasty)

Network with peers from all over the world

CME credits, you get a certificate of completion

World-class curriculum developed by renowned surgeons

Course Content

  • Course modules
    • Module 1—Primary glenohumeral arthritis
    • Module 2—Rotator cuff insufficiency
    • Module 3—Proximal humeral fractures
  • Featured Lectures

    Module 1:

    • Clinical evaluation and imaging studies for decision making
    • Patient positioning and surgical approach
    • Subscapularis management and humeral and glenoid exposure
    • Prosthetic humeral head replacement in primary osteoarthritis 
    • Prosthetic glenoid replacement in primary osteoarthritis

    Module 2:

    • Basic principles of reverse shoulder arthroplasty
    • Cuff arthropathy, etiology, and treatment
    • Indications and contraindications for reverse shoulder arthroplasty

    Module 3:

    • Surgical treatment of humeral head fractures—indications for arthroplasty
    • Hemiarthroplasty for proximal humeral fractures
    • Reverse shoulder arthroplasty for proximal humeral fractures
  • Small Group discussions
    • Primary glenohumeral arthritis
    • Rotator cuff insufficiency
    • Proximal humeral fractures
  • Anatomical Specimen Laboratory
    • Total shoulder arthroplasty without glenoid deformity
    • Primary reverse shoulder arthroplasty for degenerative conditions without glenoid deformity
    • Reverse shoulder arthroplasty with tuberosity fixation
  • Practical exercises (Dry Lab courses only)

    Revision arthroplasty around the hip

    • Simple stem revision exercise and exercise with cemented prosthesis

    Fracture fixation with implant retention

    • Internal fixation techniques (cables, cerclage and construct stability)
    • Internal fixation techniques (locking attachment plate, periprosthetic screws and construct stability
    • Interprosthetic fracture fixation

Course details may be subject to change. Please check your chosen date and location for the detailed program.

AO Recon Shoulder Arthoplasty Task Force

AO Recon Shoulder Arthroplasty Curriculum Task Force

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